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SB 5.26.8

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tatra yas tu para-vittāpatya-kalatrāṇy apaharati sa hi
kāla-pāśa-baddho yama-puruṣair ati-bhayānakais tāmisre narake
balān nipātyate anaśanānudapāna-daṇḍa-tāḍana-santarjanādibhir
yātanābhir yātyamāno jantur yatra kaśmalam āsādita
ekadaiva mūrcchām upayāti tāmisra-prāye


tatra—in those hellish planets; yaḥ—a person who; tu—but; para-vitta-apatya-kalatrāṇi—the money, wife and children of another; apaharati—takes away; saḥ—that person; hi—certainly; kāla-pāśa-baddhaḥ—being bound by the ropes of time or Yamarāja; yama-puruṣaiḥ—by the assistants of Yamarāja; ati-bhayānakaiḥ—who are very fearful; tāmisre narake—into the hell known as Tāmisra; balāt—by force; nipātyate—is thrown; anaśana—starvation; anudapāna—without water; daṇḍa-tāḍana—beaten with rods; santarjana-ādibhiḥ—by scolding and so on; yātanābhiḥ—by severe punishments; yātyamānaḥ—being punished; jantuḥ—the living entity; yatra—where; kaśmalam—misery; āsāditaḥ—obtained; ekadā—sometimes; eva—certainly; mūrcchām—fainting; upayāti—obtains; tāmisra-prāye—in that condition, which is almost entirely dark.


My dear King, a person who appropriates another's legitimate wife, children or money is arrested at the time of death by the fierce Yamadūtas, who bind him with the rope of time and forcibly throw him into the hellish planet known as Tāmisra. On this very dark planet, the sinful man is chastised by the Yamadūtas, who beat and rebuke him. He is starved, and he is given no water to drink. Thus the wrathful assistants of Yamarāja cause him severe suffering, and sometimes he faints from their chastisement.

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