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SB 5.26.13

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yas tv iha vā ugraḥ paśūn pakṣiṇo vā prāṇata
uparandhayati tam apakaruṇaṁ puruṣādair api vigarhitam amutra
yamānucarāḥ kumbhīpāke tapta-taile uparandhayanti


yaḥ — a person who; tu — but; iha — in this life; — or; ugraḥ — very cruel; paśūn — animals; pakṣiṇaḥ — birds; — or; prāṇataḥ — in a live condition; uparandhayati — cooks; tam — him; apakaruṇam — very cruel-hearted; puruṣa-ādaiḥ — by those who eat human flesh; api — even; vigarhitam — condemned; amutra — in the next life; yama-anucarāḥ — the servants of Yamarāja; kumbhīpāke — in the hell known as Kumbhīpāka; tapta-taile — in boiling oil; uparandhayanti — cook.


For the maintenance of their bodies and the satisfaction of their tongues, cruel persons cook poor animals and birds alive. Such persons are condemned even by man-eaters. In their next lives they are carried by the Yamadūtas to the hell known as Kumbhīpāka, where they are cooked in boiling oil.

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