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SB 4.28.8

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ātmānaṁ kanyayā grastaṁ
pañcālān ari-dūṣitān
duranta-cintām āpanno
na lebhe tat-pratikriyām


ātmānam—himself; kanyayā—by Kālakanyā; grastam—being embraced; pañcālān—Pañcāla; ari-dūṣitān—infected by the enemies; duranta—insurmountable; cintām—anxiety; āpannaḥ—having obtained; na—not; lebhe—achieved; tat—of that; pratikriyām—counteraction.


When King Purañjana saw that all his family members, relatives, followers, servants, secretaries and everyone else had turned against him, he certainly became very anxious. But he could not counteract the situation because he was thoroughly overwhelmed by Kālakanyā.


When a person becomes weak from the attack of old age, the family members, servants and secretaries do not care for him. He is then unable to counteract this. Thus he becomes more and more anxious and laments his frightful condition.

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