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SB 4.25.23

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


piśaṅga-nīvīṁ suśroṇīṁ
śyāmāṁ kanaka-mekhalām
padbhyāṁ kvaṇadbhyāṁ calantīṁ
nūpurair devatām iva


piśaṅga—yellow; nīvīm—garment; su-śroṇīm—beautiful waist; śyāmām—blackish; kanaka—golden; mekhalām—belt; padbhyām—with the feet; kvaṇadbhyām—tinkling; calantīm—walking; nūpuraiḥ—with ankle bells; devatām—a denizen of the heavens; iva—like.


The waist and hips of the woman were very beautiful. She was dressed in a yellow sārī with a golden belt. While she walked, her ankle bells rang. She appeared exactly like a denizen of the heavens.


This verse expresses the joyfulness of the mind upon seeing a woman with raised hips and breasts dressed in an attractive sārī and bedecked with ornaments.

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