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SB 4.17.17

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


loke nāvindata trāṇaṁ
vainyān mṛtyor iva prajāḥ
trastā tadā nivavṛte
hṛdayena vidūyatā


loke — within the three worlds; na — not; avindata — could obtain; trāṇam — release; vainyāt — from the hand of the son of King Vena; mṛtyoḥ — from death; iva — like; prajāḥ — men; trastā — being very much afraid; tadā — at that time; nivavṛte — turned back; hṛdayena — within her heart; vidūyatā — very much aggrieved.


Just as a man cannot escape the cruel hands of death, the cow-shaped earth could not escape the hands of the son of Vena. At length the earth, fearful, her heart aggrieved, turned back in helplessness.

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