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SB 4.15.21

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


stāvakāṁs tān abhipretya
pṛthur vainyaḥ pratāpavān
megha-nirhrādayā vācā
prahasann idam abravīt


stāvakān—engaged in offering prayers; tān—those persons; abhipretya—seeing, understanding; pṛthuḥ—King Pṛthu; vainyaḥ—son of Vena; pratāpa-vān—greatly powerful; megha-nirhrādayā—as grave as the thundering of clouds; vācā—with a voice; prahasan—smiling; idam—this; abravīt—he spoke.


Thus when the greatly powerful King Pṛthu, the son of Vena, saw the professionals before him, to congratulate them he smiled, and with the gravity of the vibrating sounds of clouds he spoke as follows.

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