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SB 3.7.3

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


krīḍāyām udyamo 'rbhasya
kāmaś cikrīḍiṣānyataḥ
svatas-tṛptasya ca kathaṁ
nivṛttasya sadānyataḥ


krīḍāyām—in the matter of playing; udyamaḥ—enthusiasm; arbhasya—of the boys; kāmaḥ—desire; cikrīḍiṣā—willingness to play; anyataḥ—with other boys; svataḥ-tṛptasya—for one who is self-satisfied; ca—also; katham—what for; nivṛttasya—one who is detached; sadā—at all times; anyataḥ—otherwise.


Boys are enthusiastic to play with other boys or with various diversions because they are encouraged by desire. But there is no possibility of such desire for the Lord because He is self-satisfied and detached from everything at all times.


Since the Supreme Personality of Godhead is one without a second, there is no possibility that anything besides Him can exist. He expands Himself by His energies in multiforms of self-expansions and separated expansions as well, just as fire expands itself by heat and light. Since there is no other existence besides the Lord Himself, the Lord's association with anything manifests His association with Himself. In Bhagavad-gītā (BG 9.4) the Lord says:

mayā tatam idaṁ sarvaṁ
jagad avyakta-mūrtinā
mat-sthāni sarva-bhūtāni
na cāhaṁ teṣv avasthitaḥ

"The complete manifestation of the cosmic situation is an expansion of the Lord Himself in His impersonal feature. All things are situated in Him only, yet He is not in them." That is the opulence of the Lord's attachment and detachment. He is attached to everything, yet He is detached from all.

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