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SB 3.7.23

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yasmin daśa-vidhaḥ prāṇaḥ
sendriyārthendriyas tri-vṛt
tvayerito yato varṇās
tad-vibhūtīr vadasva naḥ


yasmin—in which; daśa-vidhaḥ—ten kinds of; prāṇaḥ—air of life; sa—with; indriya—senses; artha—interest; indriyaḥ—of the senses; tri-vṛt—three kinds of life vigor; tvayā—by you; īritaḥ—explained; yataḥ—wherefrom; varṇāḥ—four specific divisions; tat-vibhūtīḥ—prowess; vadasva—please describe; naḥ—unto me.


O great brāhmaṇa, you have told me that the gigantic virāṭ form and His senses, sense objects and ten kinds of life air exist with three kinds of life vigor. Now, if you will, kindly explain to me the different powers of the specific divisions.

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