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SB 3.33.18

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


gṛhodyānaṁ kusumitai
ramyaṁ bahv-amara-drumaiḥ


gṛha-udyānam — the household garden; kusumitaiḥ — with flowers and fruits; ramyam — beautiful; bahu-amara-drumaiḥ — with many celestial trees; kūjat — singing; vihaṅga — of birds; mithunam — with pairs; gāyat — humming; matta — intoxicated; madhu-vratam — with bees.


The compound of the main household was surrounded by beautiful gardens, with sweet, fragrant flowers and many trees which produced fresh fruit and were tall and beautiful. The attraction of such gardens was that singing birds would sit on the trees, and their chanting voices, as well as the humming sound of the bees, made the whole atmosphere as pleasing as possible.

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