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SB 3.3.4

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


kakudmino 'viddha-naso damitvā
svayaṁvare nāgnajitīm uvāha
tad-bhagnamānān api gṛdhyato 'jñāñ
jaghne 'kṣataḥ śastra-bhṛtaḥ sva-śastraiḥ


kakudminaḥ—bulls whose noses were not pierced; aviddha-nasaḥ—pierced by the nose; damitvā—subduing; svayaṁvare—in the open competition to select the bridegroom; nāgnajitīm—Princess Nāgnijitī; uvāha—married; tat-bhagnamānān—in that way all who were disappointed; api—even though; gṛdhyataḥ—wanted; ajñān—the fools; jaghne—killed and wounded; akṣataḥ—without being wounded; śastra-bhṛtaḥ—equipped with all weapons; sva-śastraiḥ—by His own weapons.


By subduing seven bulls whose noses were not pierced, the Lord achieved the hand of Princess Nāgnijitī in the open competition to select her bridegroom. Although the Lord was victorious, His competitors asked the hand of the princess, and thus there was a fight. Well equipped with weapons, the Lord killed or wounded all of them, but He was not hurt Himself.

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