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SB 3.24.4

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


sa tvayārādhitaḥ śuklo
vitanvan māmakaṁ yaśaḥ
chettā te hṛdaya-granthim
audaryo brahma-bhāvanaḥ


saḥ—He; tvayā—by you; ārādhitaḥ—being worshiped; śuklaḥ—the Personality of Godhead; vitanvan—spreading; māmakam—my; yaśaḥ—fame; chettā—He will cut; te—your; hṛdaya—of the heart; granthim—knot; audaryaḥ—your son; brahma—knowledge of Brahman; bhāvanaḥ—teaching.


The Personality of Godhead, being worshiped by you, will spread my name and fame. He will vanquish the knot of your heart by becoming your son and teaching knowledge of Brahman.


When the Supreme Personality of Godhead comes to disseminate spiritual knowledge for the benefit of all people, He generally descends as the son of a devotee, being pleased by the devotee's devotional service. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the father of everyone. No one, therefore, is His father, but by His inconceivable energy He accepts some of the devotees as His parents and descendants. It is explained here that spiritual knowledge vanquishes the knot of the heart. Matter and spirit are knotted by false ego. This identification of oneself with matter, which is called hṛdaya-granthi, exists for all conditioned souls, and it becomes more and more tightened when there is too much affection for sex life. The explanation was given by Lord Ṛṣabha to His sons that this material world is an atmosphere of attraction between male and female. That attraction takes the shape of a knot in the heart, and by material affection it becomes still more tight. For people who hanker after material possessions, society, friendship and love, this knot of affection becomes very strong. It is only by brahma-bhāvana—the instruction by which spiritual knowledge is enhanced—that the knot in the heart is cut to pieces. No material weapon is needed to cut this knot, but it requires bona fide spiritual instruction. Kardama Muni instructed his wife, Devahūti, that the Lord would appear as her son and disseminate spiritual knowledge to cut the knot of material identification.

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