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SB 3.22.10

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yadā tu bhavataḥ śīla-
aśṛṇon nāradād eṣā
tvayy āsīt kṛta-niścayā


yadā—when; tu—but; bhavataḥ—your; śīla—noble character; śruta—learning; rūpa—beautiful appearance; vayaḥ—youth; guṇān—virtues; aśṛṇot—heard; nāradāt—from Nārada Muni; eṣā—Devahūti; tvayi—in you; āsīt—became; kṛta-niścayā—fixed in determination.


The moment she heard from the sage Nārada of your noble character, learning, beautiful appearance, youth and other virtues, she fixed her mind upon you.


The girl Devahūti did not personally see Kardama Muni, nor did she personally experience his character or qualities, since there was no social intercourse by which she could gain such understanding. But she heard about Kardama Muni from the authority of Nārada Muni. Hearing from an authority is a better experience than gaining personal understanding. She heard from Nārada Muni that Kardama Muni was just fit to be her husband; therefore she became fixed in her heart that she would marry him, and she expressed her desire to her father, who therefore brought her before him.

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