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SB 3.20.48

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


ye 'hīyantāmutaḥ keśā
ahayas te 'ṅga jajñire
sarpāḥ prasarpataḥ krūrā
nāgā bhogoru-kandharāḥ


ye — which; ahīyanta — dropped out; amutaḥ — from that; keśāḥ — hairs; ahayaḥ — snakes; te — they; aṅga — O dear Vidura; jajñire — took birth as; sarpāḥ — snakes; prasarpataḥ — from the crawling body; krūrāḥ — envious; nāgāḥ — cobras; bhoga — with hoods; uru — big; kandharāḥ — whose necks.


O dear Vidura, the hair that dropped from that body transformed into snakes, and even while the body crawled along with its hands and feet contracted, there sprang from it ferocious serpents and Nāgas with their hoods expanded.

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