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SB 3.20.27

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tvam ekaḥ kila lokānāṁ
kliṣṭānāṁ kleśa-nāśanaḥ
tvam ekaḥ kleśadas teṣām
anāsanna-padāṁ tava


tvam — You; ekaḥ — alone; kila — indeed; lokānām — of the people; kliṣṭānām — afflicted with miseries; kleśa — the distresses; nāśanaḥ — relieving; tvam ekaḥ — You alone; kleśa-daḥ — inflicting distress; teṣām — on those; anāsanna — not taken shelter; padām — feet; tava — Your.


My Lord, You are the only one capable of ending the affliction of the distressed and inflicting agony on those who never resort to Your feet.


The words kleśadas teṣām anāsanna-padāṁ tava indicate that the Lord has two concerns. The first is to give protection to persons who take shelter of His lotus feet, and the second is to give trouble to those who are always demoniac and who are inimical toward the Lord. Māyā's function is to give afflictions to the nondevotees. Here Brahmā said, "You are the protector of the surrendered souls; therefore I surrender unto Your lotus feet. Please give me protection from these demons."

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