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SB 3.20.24

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tato hasan sa bhagavān
asurair nirapatrapaiḥ
anvīyamānas tarasā
kruddho bhītaḥ parāpatat


tataḥ — then; hasan — laughing; saḥ bhagavān — the worshipful Lord Brahmā; asuraiḥ — by the demons; nirapatrapaiḥ — shameless; anvīyamānaḥ — being followed; tarasā — in great haste; kruddhaḥ — angry; bhītaḥ — being afraid; parāpatat — ran away.


The worshipful Brahmā first laughed at their stupidity, but finding the shameless asuras close upon him, he grew indignant and ran in great haste out of fear.


Sexually inclined demons have no respect even for their father, and the best policy for a saintly father like Brahmā is to leave such demoniac sons.

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