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SB 3.18.12

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


tvaṁ pad-rathānāṁ kila yūthapādhipo
ghaṭasva no 'svastaya āśv anūhaḥ
saṁsthāpya cāsmān pramṛjāśru svakānāṁ
yaḥ svāṁ pratijñāṁ nātipiparty asabhyaḥ


tvam—you; pad-rathānām—of foot soldiers; kila—indeed; yūthapa—of the leaders; adhipaḥ—the commander; ghaṭasva—take steps; naḥ—Our; asvastaye—for defeat; āśu—promptly; anūhaḥ—without consideration; saṁsthāpya—having killed; ca—and; asmān—Us; pramṛja—wipe away; aśru—tears; svakānām—of your kith and kin; yaḥ—he who; svām—his own; pratijñām—promised word; na—not; atipiparti—fulfills; asabhyaḥ—not fit to sit in an assembly.


You are supposed to be the commander of many foot soldiers, and now you may take prompt steps to overthrow Us. Give up all your foolish talk and wipe out the cares of your kith and kin by slaying Us. One may be proud, yet he does not deserve a seat in an assembly if he fails to fulfill his promised word.


A demon may be a great soldier and commander of a large number of infantry, but in the presence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead he is powerless and is destined to die. The Lord, therefore, challenged the demon not to go away, but to fulfill his promised word to kill Him.

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