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SB 3.16.7

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yat-sevayā caraṇa-padma-pavitra-reṇuṁ
sadyaḥ kṣatākhila-malaṁ pratilabdha-śīlam
na śrīr viraktam api māṁ vijahāti yasyāḥ
prekṣā-lavārtha itare niyamān vahanti


yat—of whom; sevayā—by the service; caraṇa—feet; padma—lotus; pavitra—sacred; reṇum—the dust; sadyaḥ—immediately; kṣata—wiped out; akhila—all; malam—sins; pratilabdha—acquired; śīlam—disposition; na—not; śrīḥ—the goddess of fortune; viraktam—have no attachment; api—even though; mām—Me; vijahāti—leave; yasyāḥ—of the goddess of fortune; prekṣā-lava-arthaḥ—for obtaining a slight favor; itare—others, like Lord Brahmā; niyamān—sacred vows; vahanti—observe.


The Lord continued: Because I am the servitor of My devotees, My lotus feet have become so sacred that they immediately wipe out all sin, and I have acquired such a disposition that the goddess of fortune does not leave Me, even though I have no attachment for her and others praise her beauty and observe sacred vows to secure from her even a slight favor.


The relationship between the Lord and His devotee is transcendentally beautiful. As the devotee thinks that it is due to being a devotee of the Lord that he is elevated in all good qualities, so the Lord also thinks that it is because of His devotion to the servitor that all His transcendental glories have increased. In other words, as the devotee is always anxious to render service to the Lord, so the Lord is ever anxious to render service to the devotee. The Lord admits herein that although He certainly has the quality that anyone who receives a slight particle of the dust of His lotus feet becomes at once a great personality, this greatness is due to His affection for His devotee. It is because of this affection that the goddess of fortune does not leave Him and that not only one but many thousands of goddesses of fortune engage in His service. In the material world, simply to get a little favor from the goddess of fortune, people observe many rigid regulations of austerity and penance. The Lord cannot tolerate any inconvenience on the part of the devotee. He is therefore famous as bhakta-vatsala.

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