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SB 3.11.15

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


yaḥ sṛjya-śaktim urudhocchvasayan sva-śaktyā
puṁso 'bhramāya divi dhāvati bhūta-bhedaḥ
kālākhyayā guṇamayaṁ kratubhir vitanvaṁs
tasmai baliṁ harata vatsara-pañcakāya


yaḥ—one who; sṛjya—of creation; śaktim—the seeds; urudhā—in various ways; ucchvasayan—invigorating; sva-śaktyā—by his own energy; puṁsaḥ—of the living entity; abhramāya—to dissipate darkness; divi—during the daytime; dhāvati—moves; bhūta-bhedaḥ—distinct from all other material form; kāla-ākhyayā—by the name eternal time; guṇa-mayam—the material results; kratubhiḥ—by offerings; vitanvan—enlarging; tasmai—unto him; balim—ingredients of offerings; harata—one should offer; vatsara-pañcakāya—offerings every five years.


O Vidura, the sun enlivens all living entities with his unlimited heat and light. He diminishes the duration of life of all living entities in order to release them from their illusion of material attachment, and he enlarges the path of elevation to the heavenly kingdom. He thus moves in the firmament with great velocity, and therefore everyone should offer him respects once every five years with all ingredients of worship.

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