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SB 11.29.41-44

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Please note: The synonyms, translation and purport of this verse were composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda

TEXTS 41-44

śrī-bhagavān uvāca
gacchoddhava mayādiṣṭo
badary-ākhyaṁ mamāśramam
tatra mat-pāda-tīrthode
snānopasparśanaiḥ śuciḥ
vasāno valkalāny aṅga
vanya-bhuk sukha-niḥspṛhaḥ
titikṣur dvandva-mātrāṇāṁ
suśīlaḥ saṁyatendriyaḥ
śāntaḥ samāhita-dhiyā
matto 'nuśikṣitaṁ yat te
viviktam anubhāvayan
mayy āveśita-vāk-citto
mad-dharma-nirato bhava
ativrajya gatīs tisro
mām eṣyasi tataḥ param


śrī-bhagavān uvāca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; gaccha—please go; uddhava—O Uddhava; mayā—by Me; ādiṣṭaḥ—ordered; badarī-ākhyam—named Badarikā; mama—My; āśramam—to the hermitage; tatra—there; mat-pāda—emanating from My feet; tīrtha—of the holy places; ude—in the water; snāna—by bathing; upasparśanaiḥ—and by touching for purification; śuciḥ—cleansed; īkṣayā—by glancing; alakanandāyāḥ—upon the river Gaṅgā; vidhūta—cleansed; aśeṣa—of all; kalmaṣaḥ—sinful reactions; vasānaḥ—wearing; valkalāni—bark; aṅga—My dear Uddhava; vanya—fruits, nuts, roots, etc., of the forest; bhuk—eating; sukha—happy; niḥspṛhaḥ—and free from desire; titikṣuḥ—tolerant; dvandva-mātrāṇām—of all dualities; su-śīlaḥ—exhibiting saintly character; saṁyata-indriyaḥ—with controlled senses; śāntaḥ—peaceful; samāhita—perfectly concentrated; dhiyā—with intelligence; jñāna—with knowledge; vijñāna—and realization; saṁyutaḥ—endowed; mattaḥ—from Me; anuśikṣitam—learned; yat—that which; te—by you; viviktam—ascertained with discrimination; anubhāvayan—thoroughly meditating upon; mayi—in Me; āveśita—absorbed; vāk—your words; cittaḥ—and mind; mat-dharma—My transcendental qualities; nirataḥ—constantly endeavoring to realize; bhava—be thus situated; ativrajya—crossing beyond; gatīḥ—the destinations of material nature; tisraḥ—three; mām—unto Me; eṣyasi—you will come; tataḥ param—thereafter.

Translation and purport composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda


The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: My dear Uddhava, take My order and go to My āśrama called Badarikā. Purify yourself by both touching and also bathing in the holy waters there, which have emanated from My lotus feet. Rid yourself of all sinful reactions with the sight of the sacred Alakanandā River. Dress yourself in bark and eat whatever is naturally available in the forest. Thus you should remain content and free from desire, tolerant of all dualities, good-natured, self-controlled, peaceful and endowed with transcendental knowledge and realization. With fixed attention, meditate constantly upon these instructions I have imparted to you and assimilate their essence. Fix your words and thoughts upon Me, and always endeavor to increase your realization of My transcendental qualities. In this way you will cross beyond the destinations of the three modes of nature and finally come back to Me.

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