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SB 11.25.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Please note: The synonyms, translation and purport of this verse were composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda


puruṣaṁ sattva-saṁyuktam
anumīyāc chamādibhiḥ
kāmādibhī rajo-yuktaṁ
krodhādyais tamasā yutam


puruṣam—a person; sattva-saṁyuktam—endowed with the mode of goodness; anumīyāt—can be deduced; śama-ādibhiḥ—by his qualities of sense control and so on; kāma-ādibhiḥ—by lust and so on; rajaḥ-yuktam—one who is in the mode of passion; krodha-ādyaiḥ—by anger and so on; tamasā—with the mode of ignorance; yutam—one who is endowed.

Translation and purport composed by disciples of Śrīla Prabhupāda


A person exhibiting qualities such as self-control is understood to be predominantly in the mode of goodness. Similarly, a passionate person is recognized by his lust, and one in ignorance is recognized by qualities such as anger.

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