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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 40

Latita gati vilasa balguhasa Pranaya nirikshana kalpita urumanah Kritamanukritabatwa unmadandhah Prakritim agan yasya gopabadhwah.


Lalita-attractive, gati-movement, vilasa-fascinating acts, balguhasa-sweet smiling, pranaya-loving, nirikshana-looking on, kalpita-mentality, uramanah-highly glorified, kritamanakritabatwa-in the act of copying the movements, unmadandhah-gone mad in ecstasy, prakritim-characteristics agan-underwent, yasya-whose, gopabadhwa-the cowherd damsels.


Let my mind be fixed upon that Lord Sri Krishna whose different acts of moving, smiling, looking on in deep loving attitude, etc., attracted the damsels of Brajadhama (The Gopies) and as such the latter imitated such characteristic movements of the Lord (after His disappearnace from the arena of the Rasa Dance.)


By intense ecstasy of loving service, the damsels of Brajabhumi, the cowherd wives attained the qualitative oneness with the Lord in the matter of dancing with Him on equal level, embracing in nuptial love, smiling in joke, looking on one another in loving attitude. The relation of the Lord with Arjuna is undoubtedly praiseworthy by devotees like Bhismadeva but the relation of the Gopis with the Lord is still more praiseworthy on account of their still more purified loving service. By the Grace of the Lord Arjuna was fortunate enough to have the freternal service of the Lord as the chariot driver, but to speak the truth the Lord did not award unto Arjuna equal strength. The Gopis however practically become one with the Lord by attainment of the highest quality of equal footing with the Lord. Bhisma's aspiration for remembering the Gopies is to pray to have their mercy also at the last stage of his life. The Lord is satisfied more when His pure devotees are glorified and therefore Bhismadeva has not only glorified the Acts of Arjuna his immediate object of attraction but also he had remembered the Gopies who were endowed with unrivalled opportunities in the matter of rendering loving service of the Lord. The Gopis' equality with the Lord is never to be misunderstood as Sayujya liberation of the impersonalist but the equality is one of perfect ecstasy where the differential conception is completely eradicated or the interest of the lover and the beloved become identical.

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