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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 10

Patnyas taba adhimakha klipta mahabhiseka Slaghista charu kavaram kitabaih sabhayam. Spristam vikirya padayoh patitasrumukhya Yas tat striyo krita hatesha vimuktakasha.


Patnyas—of the wife, Taba—your, Adhimakha—during the great sacrificial ceremony, Klpta—dressed, Mahabhiseka—greatly sanctified, Slaghista—thus glorified, Charu—beautiful, Kavaram—clustered hair, Kitabaih—by the miscreants, Sabhayam—in the great assembly, Spristam—being caught, Vikirya—being loosened, Padayo—on the feet, Patitasrumukhya—of the one who fell down with tears in the eyes, Yas—He, Tat—their, Striyo—wives, Krita—became, Hatesa—bereft of husband, Vimuktakesha—loosened hair.


It is only He who rendered loosened hair of all the wives of the miscreants who dared to open the cluster of hair of your queen which was dressed nicely being sanctificd in the great ceremony of Rajasuya sacrifice when she fell down at the feet of Lord Krishna with tears in her eyes.


Queen Droupadi had a beautiful bunch of hair which was sanctified in the ceremonial function of Rajsuya Yajna. But when she was lost in the bet Duhsasan touched such glorified hair of Droupadi to insult her. Droupadi then fell down at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna by loosened hair and Lord Krishna decided it that all the wives of Duhsasan and company should be rendered into loosened hair being forced by circumstances as the result of the battle of Kurukshetra. And after the battle of Kurukshetra when all the sons and grandsons of Dhritarastra died in the battle then all the wives of the family were obliged to loosen their hairs as widows. In other words all the wives of the Kuru famsly became widows on account of this gross misdeed of Duhsasan by insulting a great devotee of the Lord. The Lord can tolerate insult upon Him by any miscreant because the father tolerates even insults from the son. But He never tolerates insult upon His devotees. By insulting a great soul one has to forego all the results of pious acts and benediction also.

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