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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 39

Yudhisthira uvacha: Na aham veda gatim pitrorbhagavan kva gatah itah Amba ba hataputra arta kva gata cha tapaswini


Yudhisthira uvacha—Maharaj Yudhisthira said, Na—do no, Aham—myself, Veda—know it, Gatim—departure, Pitror—of the uncles, Bhagawan—Oh godly personality, Kva—where, Gatah—gone, Itah—from this place, Amba—mother aunt, Ba—either, Hataputra—lost of her sons, Arta—aggrieved, Kva—where, Gata—gone, Cha—also, Tapaswini—ascetic.


Maharaj Yudhisthir said, 'Oh godly personality, I do not know where have my two uncles gone away; not only they but also my ascetic aunt who has lost all her sons and therefore much aggrieved, is also not traceable'


Maharaj Yudhisthir as a good soul and devotee of the Lord was always conscious of the great loss of her aunt and her sufferings like an ascetic. An ascetic is never disturbed by all kinds of sufferings and that makes him strong and determined on the path of spiritual progress. Queen Gandhari is a typical example of an ascetic by her marvelous character in many trying situations of her life. She was ideal woman as mother, wife and ascetic and in the history of the world such typical character of woman is rarely found.

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