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SB 1.10.17

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


sitātapatraṁ jagrāha
ratna-daṇḍaṁ guḍākeśaḥ
priyaḥ priyatamasya ha


sita-ātapatram—soothing umbrella; jagrāha—took up; muktā-dāma—decorated with laces and pearls; vibhūṣitam—embroidered; ratna-daṇḍam—with a handle of jewels; guḍākeśaḥ—Arjuna, the expert warrior, or one who has conquered sleep; priyaḥ—most beloved; priyatamasya—of the most beloved; ha—so he did.


At that time Arjuna, the great warrior and conqueror of sleep, who is the intimate friend of the most beloved Supreme Lord, took up an umbrella which had a handle of jewels and was embroidered with lace and pearls.


Gold, jewels, pearls and valuable stones were used in the luxurious royal ceremonies. They are all nature's gifts and are produced by the hills, oceans, etc., by the order of the Lord, when man does not waste his valuable time in producing unwanted things in the name of necessities. By so-called development of industrial enterprises, they are now using pots of gutta-percha instead of metals like gold, silver, brass and copper. They are using margarine instead of purified butter, and one fourth of the city population has no shelter.

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