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SB 1.1.18 (1962)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT No. 18

Atha akhyahi harer dhiman avatara kathah shubhah Leela vidadhatah swaira iswarasya atma mayaa


Atha—therefore, Akhyahi—describe, Harer—of the Lord, Dhiman—oh the sagacious, Avatara—incarnations, Katha—narratives, Subhah—auspicious, Leela—adventures, Vidadhatah—performed, Swairam—pastimes, Iswarasya—the supreme controller's, Atma—personal, Mayaa—energies.


Therefore oh the sagacious Suta Goswami, please narrate the transcendental pastimes of the Supreme controller Godhead's multi-incarnations which are auspicious adventures and pastimes executed by His internal potencies.


For creation maintenance and destructions of the manifested worlds, the Supreme Lord Personality of Godhead appears Himself in many thousands Forms of incarnations and the specific acts and adventures performed in those transcendental Forms are all auspicious. Fortunate persons who happen to see them personally during performance of the Lord's activities as well as those who hear those transcendental narrations, both are benefitted by such pastimes.