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NBS The Value of Devotion

Chapter 1: The Value of Devotion

(Translations and purports: SŪTRA 1 to 8 and 11 to 15, by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.)

SŪTRA 1 Now, therefore, I will try to explain the process of devotional service.

SŪTRA 2 Devotional service manifests as the most elevated, pure love for God.

SŪTRA 3 This pure love for God is eternal.

SŪTRA 4 Upon achieving that stage of transcendental devotional service in pure love of God, a person becomes perfect, immortal, and peaceful.

SŪTRA 5 A person engaged in such pure devotional service neither desires anything for sense gratification, nor laments for any loss, nor hates anything, nor enjoys anything on his personal account, nor becomes very enthusiastic in material activity.

SŪTRA 6 One who understands perfectly the process of devotional service in love of Godhead becomes intoxicated in its discharge. Sometimes he becomes stunned in ecstasy and thus enjoys his whole self, being engaged in the service of the Supreme Self.

SŪTRA 7 There is no question of lust in the execution of pure devotional service, because in it all material activities are renounced.

SŪTRA 8 Such renunciation in devotional service means to give up all kinds of social customs and religious rituals governed by Vedic injunction.

SŪTRA 9 (coming soon)

SŪTRA 10 (coming soon)

SŪTRA 11 Indifference toward what stands in the way of devotional service means to accept only those activities of social custom and Vedic injunction that are favorable to devotional service.

SŪTRA 12 One must continue to follow scriptural injunctions even after one is fixed up in determined certainty that devotional service is the only means for reaching the perfection of life.

SŪTRA 13 Otherwise there is every possibility of falling down.

SŪTRA 14 For as long as the body lasts, one should engage minimally in social and political activities and in such matters as eating.

(Translations and purports: SŪTRA 9, 10 and 16 to 84, by the disciples of His Divine Grace.)