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700221 - Letter to Syamasundara written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 2 of 2 - text missing)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society For Krishna Consciousness Inc.
CENTER:1975 So La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal.     90034

DATE ....February..21...........19.70

My Dear Shyamsundar,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 16 February, 1970, along with "Govindam" record. I have heard it played on a record player and, although the machine was not very good, still I enjoyed the transcendental vibration very much.
Regarding Yugoslavia, the communist country, if they are anxious for our association why not take this opportunity immediately. The communists are first class disciples of Kali; therefore our attention should be more upon them because of their serious materialistic fever. So you can make immediately correspondence with the Yugoslavian friends, and as Tamal is going there very soon, he can immediately open a center with the cooperation of local people. So, with George's recommendation letter, if somebody goes there, I am sure it will be a successful attempt. Actually I am very much eager to start a temple in the communist country.
Regarding civil-disobedience movement, I do not think there is need of it. Our people have been arrested on the charge of blocking the pedestrian path; so if some friends give evidence that we did not actually block the way, then the case will certainly be dismissed as you said that the members of the public were in sympathy with us. Our people are still going with Samkirtan Party, so government does not prohibit us so far Samkirtana is concerned. Therefore, civil-disobedience on this ground would be unnecessary.
But I will suggest one thing--that you can organize a mass Samkirtan procession on the Advent Day of Lord Caitanya, 22 March, 1970; that day is also Sunday. Therefore if George and John Lennon both lead the procession, that will be a great service. Because of their presence many young men especially will join the procession. And if you carry flags, festoons, and pictures in that procession, starting from a big park like Hyde Park or St. James' Square and then pass over some important streets, especially the residential quarters, that will be a great success. In that procession, you can distribute our literatures of various kinds--books and magazines also. I think that will be a great successful program.
I have already written a letter to George and it is sent through you. In that letter I have suggested the importance of Krsna Consciousness movement, so if George elaborates this idea in his foreword that will be very nice. The suggestions I may repeat again, that every living entity has a dormant propensity of love for somebody else. That is exhibited not only in human society, but also in the animal society. That love is exhibited primarily in five kinds of relationship--especially as master and servant, as friend and friend, as parents and children, and as lover and beloved. This stock of love in every living entity is dormant eternal love for Krsna, but because the living entity has forgotten Krsna since a very, very long time, even before this creation was manifested, therefore all of us are misplacing that dormant love in a perverted way. Therefore there is always frustration. Even so-called "sincere" love between lover and the beloved or husband and wife or even parents and children are so many instances of frustration. Therefore the only remedy for this repeated frustration of our life after life is revival of original Krsna Consciousness.
As soon as we revive that love of Krsna in any one of the five primary relationships, as we have constitutional aptitude, immediately we become happy. This is the fact, but it requires little time to come to this point by the prescribed method as we have to undergo patiently a treatment for the cure of our disease. Therefore this Krsna Consciousness movement is the only solution for all kinds of frustrations and problems.
You can give this idea to George as well as explain your practical experience plus his practical experience also, then a nice foreword may come out. While he has given me contribution of $19,000 for publication of my book, Krsna, I think he has not done it foolishly. He is very intelligent boy, therefore I am sure he has also some practical appreciation of this Krsna Consciousness movement. But my above suggestion that if George and John lead the procession, on Lord Caitanya's Birthday, that will be very, very nice.
Regarding the small booklet, Jayadvaita from Boston has sent me two pages writing which I am enclosing herewith. So with additional alteration of this idea, plus your idea, if you write a suitable introduction, then we shall print them with some pictures on nice paper as many copies as you require for putting them within the paper covering of the records, and that will be a good introduction. But one thing, I must warn you in this connection that these records are distributed amongst teenagers, therefore the language and presentation should be suitable for their understanding. I think you will understand me right in this connection. So, after writing the pamphlet and if possible getting it edited amongst yourselves, you can send the copies one to me and one to Boston for printing. So this is my idea, now you can work upon it as you think it fit.
Yes, before your travelling around Britain, if these pamphlets are distributed, I am sure very easily you will be able to sell our Krsna book. The U.S. centers will act according to your direction without fail in this connection. I am expecting your next longer letter as mentioned in your letter under reply.
Thanking you, and please convey my thanks to Malati for her nice letter. I shall reply it in due course.
Regarding the court case, I am sending herewith one news cutting how they were released in Detroit. Regarding the exact date for celebration of Rathayatra Festival, it is on the 5th July until the return journey of Lord Jagannath on the 14th July. Before Rathayatra, on June 19, there is a ceremony of [text missing] bathing Lord Jagannath after which Lord Jagannath falls sick with fever from too much bathing. Then He takes rest and no one is allowed to visit, but He reappears on Rathayatra day.*

Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

* This ceremony you can observe by bathing a small deity on the day participated by all devotees. But there is no need of closing the temple for fifteen days. ACB