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690330 - Letter to Jayagovinda written from Hawaii

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March 30, 1969

My Dear Jaya Govinda,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter of March 7, 1969. At the present time, I am living at Hawaii, therefore your letter was redirected from L.A. temple to here, so I received it late. I am very sorry that I did not reply your last letter but I thank you very much that you are sending me letters every week. Your very strong desire to return to Germany is already approved by me, and Krishna das is very much eager to receive you there. In his letter of March 2nd, he writes to say "we may send Jaya Govinda his ticket via AE immediately; hopefully he will arrive here by the week's end." Therefore I hope you might have already received the ticket for returning to Germany. But before your leaving Delhi, either for Bombay or for Europe, please book the unsold goods taken delivery from Atma Rama and Sons and send to our shipping agent in Calcutta, so they may ship them to N.Y. Your sympathetic expression about my magnitude of work with which I am pressed here is undoubtedly very much encouraging to me, and certainly I am pressed with heavy work. I am receiving letters about 12 daily, from different centers with different problems and then at the same time I am just trying to write my books, Srimad Bhagavatam, Nectar of Devotion, and Krishna, and lately Vedanta Sutra. So certainly this is heavy task but by the Grace of Krishna, it does not depress me. I feel encouraged to act so busily day and night. But the body sometimes does not allow me to do so. So I have to sleep about 4 to 5 hours. But in comparison to our predecessors, the Goswamis, this engagement in insignificant. These Goswamis used to work almost 24 hours. They used to sleep not more than 2 hours, and they produced immense literature. Of course, it is not possible to be in their level of activities, but as far as possible, we should everyone of us try to work as hard as possible for Krishna's satisfaction. This material body can be adjusted with practice. If we adjust these bodily activities towards Krishna's side, then the labor is fruitful, but if we adjust towards maya's side, then the labor is useless. A little labor done for Krishna is never lost. But the greatest labor done for Maya is simply waste of time. So I think by the Grace of Krishna you are feeling nice now. Please try to work hard for Krishna, and your life will be glorious. By Krishna's Grace and by His desire, you are destined to go to Germany to take up the work of BTG in German. The three boys now working there are very sincere workers. You are also very sincere boy and I am sure when you go there you will find a very nice atmosphere of ISKCON workers. I am so glad to learn that you are feeling considerably the missing separation of ISKCON devotees. I am very much hopeful that Krishna Kirtana will be nicely introduced in the Western world by the Grace of Krishna, and by the efforts of our ISKCON DEVOTEES. I am very sorry too that in India you could not fill up the gap of such separation, and I know why you couldn't. So let India may do whatever they like. By the Grace of Krishna you are now initiated to take up this movement;