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CC Madhya 9.123 (1975)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT 123

nibhṛta-marun-mano-'kṣa-dṛḍha-yoga-yujo hṛdi yan-
munaya upāsate tad arayo 'pi yayuḥ smaraṇāt
striya uragendra-bhoga-bhuja-daṇḍa-viṣakta-dhiyo
vayam api te samāḥ samadṛśo 'ṅghri-saroja-sudhāḥ


nibhṛta—controlled; marut—the life air; manaḥ—the mind; akṣa—the senses; dṛḍha—strong; yoga—in the mystic yoga process; yujaḥ—who are engaged; hṛdi—within the heart; yat—who; munayaḥ—the great sages; upāsate—worship; tat—that; arayaḥ—the enemies; api—also; yayuḥ—obtain; smaraṇāt—from remembering; striyaḥ—the gopīs; uraga-indra—of serpents; bhoga—like the bodies; bhuja—the arms; daṇḍa—like rods; viṣakta—fastened to; dhiyaḥ—whose minds; vayam api—we also; te—Your; samāḥ—equal to them; sama-dṛśaḥ—having the same ecstatic emotions; aṅghri-saroja—of the lotus feet; sudhāḥ—the nectar.


" 'Great sages conquer the mind and senses by practicing the mystic yoga system and controlling the breath. Thus engaging in mystic yoga, they see the Supersoul within their hearts and ultimately enter into impersonal Brahman. But even the enemies of the Supreme Personality of Godhead attain that position simply by thinking of the Supreme Lord. However, the damsels of Vraja, the gopīs, being attracted by the beauty of Kṛṣṇa, simply wanted to embrace Him and His arms, which are like serpents. Thus the gopīs ultimately tasted the nectar of the lotus feet of the Lord. Similarly, we Upaniṣads can also taste the nectar of His lotus feet by following in the footsteps of the gopīs.' "


This verse is from Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (10.87.23).