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CC Antya 6.285 (1975)

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT 285

kim artham ayam āgacchati, ayaṁ dāsyati, anena dattam ayam aparaḥ. samety ayaṁ dāsyati, anenāpi na dattam anyaḥ sameṣyati, sa dāsyati ity ādi.


kim artham—why; ayam—this person; āgacchati—is coming; ayam—this person; dāsyati—will give; anena—by this person; dattam—given; ayam—this; aparaḥ—other; sameti—comes near; ayam—this person; dāsyati—will give; anena—by this person; api—also; na—not; dattam—given; anyaḥ—another; sameṣyati—will come near; saḥ—he; dāsyati—will give; iti—thus; ādi—and so on.


"Here is a person coming near. He will give me something. This person gave me something last night. Now another person is coming near. He may give me something. The person who just passed did not give me anything, but another person will come, and he will give me something.' Thus a person in the renounced order gives up his neutrality and depends on the charity of this person or that. Thinking in this way, he adopts the occupation of a prostitute.