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CC Antya 16.125

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT 125

veṇu dhṛṣṭa-puruṣa hañā, puruṣādhara piyā piyā,
gopī-gaṇe jānāya nija-pāna
aho śuna, gopī-gaṇa, bale piṅo tomāra dhana,
tomāra yadi thāke abhimāna


veṇu—the flute; dhṛṣṭa-puruṣa—a cunning male; hañā—being; puruṣa-adhara—the lips of the male; piyā piyā—drinking and drinking; gopī-gaṇe—unto the gopīs; jānāya—informs; nija-pāna—own drinking; aho—oh; śuna—hear; gopī-gaṇa—gopīs; bale—says; piṅo—drink; tomāra—your; dhana—property; tomāra—your; yadi—if; thāke—there is; abhimāna—pride.


“That flute is a very cunning male who drinks again and again the taste of another male’s lips. It advertises its qualities and says to the gopīs, ‘O gopīs, if you are so proud of being women, come forward and enjoy your property—the nectar of the lips of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.’