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CC Adi 5.224

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

TEXT 224

smerāṁ bhaṅgī-traya-paricitāṁ sāci-vistīrṇa-dṛṣṭiṁ
vaṁśī-nyastādhara-kiśalayām ujjvalāṁ candrakeṇa
govindākhyāṁ hari-tanum itaḥ keśi-tīrthopakaṇṭhe
mā prekṣiṣṭhās tava yadi sakhe bandhu-saṅge ’sti raṅgaḥ


smerām—smiling; bhaṅgī-traya-paricitām—bent in three places, namely the neck, waist and knees; sāci-vistīrṇa-dṛṣṭim—with a broad sideways glance; vaṁśī—on the flute; nyasta—placed; adhara—lips; kiśalayām—newly blossomed; ujjvalām—very bright; candrakeṇa—by the moonshine; govinda-ākhyām—named Lord Govinda; hari-tanum—the transcendental body of the Lord; itaḥ—here; keśi-tīrtha-upakaṇṭhe—on the bank of the Yamunā in the neighborhood of Keśīghāṭa; —do not; prekṣiṣṭhāḥ—glance over; tava—your; yadi—if; sakhe—O dear friend; bandhu-saṅge—to worldly friends; asti—there is; raṅgaḥ—attachment.


“My dear friend, if you are indeed attached to your worldly friends, do not look at the smiling face of Lord Govinda as He stands on the bank of the Yamunā at Keśīghāṭa. Casting sidelong glances, He places His flute to His lips, which seem like newly blossomed twigs. His transcendental body, bending in three places, appears very bright in the moonlight.”


This is a verse quoted from the Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu (1.2.239) in connection with practical devotional service. Generally people in their conditioned life engage in the pleasure of society, friendship and love. This so-called love is lust, not love. But people are satisfied with such a false understanding of love. Vidyāpati, a great and learned poet of Mithilā, has said that the pleasure derived from friendship, society and family life in the material world is like a drop of water, but our hearts desire pleasure like an ocean. Thus the heart is compared to a desert of material existence that requires the water of an ocean of pleasure to satisfy its dryness. If there is a drop of water in the desert, one may indeed say that it is water, but such a minute quantity of water has no value. Similarly, in this material world no one is satisfied in the dealings of society, friendship and love. Therefore if one wants to derive real pleasure within his heart, he must seek the lotus feet of Govinda. In this verse Rūpa Gosvāmī indicates that if one wants to be satisfied in the pleasure of society, friendship and love, he need not seek shelter at the lotus feet of Govinda, for if one takes shelter under His lotus feet he will forget that minute quantity of so-called pleasure. One who is not satisfied with that so-called pleasure may seek the lotus feet of Govinda, who stands on the shore of the Yamunā at Keśītīrtha, or Keśīghāṭa, in Vṛndāvana and attracts all the gopīs to His transcendental loving service.