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770224 - Letter to Dhruba Charan Pattanaik written from Mayapur

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

February 24, 1977

Shri Dhruba Charan Pattanaik,
Vill: Tamandoo,
P.O. Tamandoo, via Janla,
Dist. Puri, Orissa.

Shri Mayapur Chandradoya Mandir,
P.O. Sreedham Mayapur,
Dist. Nadia, West Bengal.

Dear Shri Pattanaik,

Please accept my greetings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 21-2-77 and have noted the contents.

We have already started one Temple project and we are raising funds for this purpose. Unless this temple is finished in Bhubaneswar we cannot take any new project.

In this connection you can see our representative, Sriman Bhagawat das Brahmachary. I am forwarding your letter to him so you can discuss with him whether it is possible to do anything.

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

cc Sriman Bhagawat das Brahmachari,
President, ISKCON Bhubaneswar