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760830 - Morning Walk - Delhi

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

760830MW-DELHI - August 30, 1976 - 05:44 Minutes

Prabhupāda: . . . the cause of bondage. This body, if the desires are not fulfilled, but the desire is continuing, so to fulfill the desire, Kṛṣṇa will give him chance for another type of body by which he can fulfill. That means he gets another body, then another desire. (break) . . . they're trying to give up the desire, but he is desiring to become liberated. That is another desire. The yogīs are trying to concentrate on liberation by practicing yoga. And that is also another desire. In this way, one desire after another, another desire . . .

Bhavānanda: Then how to get free from those desires?

Prabhupāda: Free means desire should be purified. That means desires should be to render service to the Lord. That is real purification. The example is given, just like gold. There are impurities. That impurities, you cannot cleanse it simply by washing. You have to put into the fire. When it is melted, then automatically all the dirty things are gone. His natural position is part and parcel of God, to render service to God. So unless he takes up that thing, there is no question of desirelessness. Therefore Kṛṣṇa is demanding, "Surrender." And as soon as he surrenders, then material desires become vanquished. Sarvopādhi-vinirmuktam (CC Madhya 19.170). Anyābhilāṣitā-śūnyam (Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu 1.1.11). Otherwise, the . . . he cannot rectify one desire by another desire. That is not possible. Then it will produce another desire.

Bhavānanda: To purify that desire we also have to be put into the fire?

Prabhupāda: This is an example, that without being put into the fire, there is no purity of the gold or silver. Similarly, without being engaged in the service of the Lord, there is no question of purifying the desire. (break)

(on walk)

Hari-śauri: This is another gate of the Lodi Park.

Prabhupāda: Oh.

Child: Jaya Śrīla Prabhupāda! Jaya Prabhupāda! (break)

(dogs barking in background)

Prabhupāda: United Nation. And as soon as he finds another dog, immediately barking. (break) . . . (indistinct) . . . (end)