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760705 - Letter to Ramakrishna Bajaj written from Washington D.C

Letter to Sriman Ramakrishna Bajaj

10310 Oaklyn Road,
Potomac, Maryland 20854

July 5, 76

Sriman Ramkrishna Bajaj,
Gita Pratisthan,
51 Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Bombay 400-023,

My dear Sriman Ramkrishnaji,
Please accept my greetings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated June 1, 1976, and I have noted the contents with care.
I shall be returning to Bombay on or about August 14, 1976, after which time I shall be able to attend the Coordinating Committee meeting when the date is fixed up. After visiting our Washington, D.C. centre I shall be going on to New York where we are scheduled to have our Rathayatra procession down 5th. Avenue on July 18th, then London, Paris, Rome, Tehran (Iran) where we have our centre, and reaching Bombay thereafter.
I hope this meets you in good health.

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami