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760410 - Letter to Sri Viswesha Tirtha Swami written from Vrndavana

Letter to Viswesha Teertha Swami

Pejavur Mutt, Car Street
Udupi South Kanara

10 April      1976

Dear Sri Viswesha Teertha Swami ji
Please accept my greetings.
I have received your letter from Guntur inviting me to Udupi through my disciple Yasodanandana Swami. I am very eager to come however due to prior comitments my program has already been scheduled. I am building one Kaliya-Mardana temple in the Island of Fiji and I will go there via Australia, where we have 4 centres, then New Zealand, where we have a center in Auckland, then on to Fiji. Afterwards I will visit my centre in Hawaii, Los Angeles (California) and New York.

In spite of my preaching program overseas, the scheduled program in Udupi on the 11th 12th 13rd may may go on and my sanayasi disciples Yasodanandana Swami and Achyutananda Swami will carry on the program there. Please help them to make this program a success.

Yasodanandana Swami has written an article on Madhvacarya and Udupi and it has been submitted to my monthly journal Back To Godhead, which has a circulation of 10 lakhs copies monthly.

This Sanatana Dharma pracara is the real path followed by all pure acaryas such as Madhva, Ramanuja, Sri Caitanya and others. Kindly help us to spread this Krishna Consciousness movement all over the land of Bharata Bhumi.

I hope this meets you in good health.


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami