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751012 - Letter to Swami Sahajananda written from Durban

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Letter to Swami Sahajananda (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Swami Sahajananda (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
Center: 59 Muller Street,
Yeoville, Johannesburg 2001

His Holiness Swami Sahajananda,
Divine Life Society of South Africa,
P.O. Box 19069,
Dormerton, Durban, 4015

(Original Script) [handwritten]

My dear Swamiji,
Please accept my humble obeisances. I beg to thank you very much for your kind letter dated 10th October, 1975 and it is very encouraging as you write to say: "As many spiritual leaders are often deriding the Godhood of Lord Krishna, it is gratifying that your great movement is disseminating His greatness and thus keeping alive our devotion to Lord Krishna." It means that Your Holiness is a great devotee of Lord Krishna. So, out of your natural humbleness you have presented yourself as my "humble child." Certainly, in consideration of age, you are my child but I see in devotion you are greater than me. So as you are a devotee of Lord Krishna you are my guru. Thank you very much.
It has become a fashion nowadays amongst the politicians, scholars, and so-called swamis to deride Krishna. This is very dangerous position. Any blasphemous activities to Krishna will not affect His body. He has no material body, therefore prayers or accusations do not affect Him. He is always kind and equal to everyone.
samo 'ham sarva-bhutesu
na me dvesyo 'sti na priyah
ye bhajanti tu mam bhaktya
mayi te tesu capy aham
(B.G. 9/29)
"I envy no one, nor am I partial to anyone. I am equal to all. But whoever renders service unto Me in devotion is a friend, is in Me, and I am also a friend to him." But, those who are deriding the Godhood of Krishna are considered as demons and raksasas. There was only one raksasa at the time of Lord Ramachandra who did not care for the Lord and attempted to kidnap his wife so he took away maya-laksmiji from Narayana. The result was that he became ruined with his whole family and kingdom. In this age of kali there are a number of Ravanas deriding the Godhood of Lord Krishna and Lord Ramachandra, and they will meet with the same result as it was done in the case of Ravana. So it is a dangerous position of the whole world that they have become all godless or atheists in different degree or manner. It is the duty of saintly persons to save these rascals from ruination. So, I wish that a devotee of Lord Krishna like you may conjointly work in propagating Krishna Consciousness to save the fallen souls from going down to the darkest region of hell. I am quoting one verse from the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 7, chapter 5, verse 31:
na te viduh svartha-gatim hi visnum
durasaya ye bahir-artha-maninah
andha yathandhair-upaniyamanas
te pisatantryam-urudamni baddhah (S.B. 7.5.31)
Thank you very much for your kind letter. With my best wishes and regards, I beg to remain,
Yours sincerely,
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ACBS/pks [handwritten]