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750828 - Letter to Bon Maharaja written from Vrndavana

Letter to Sripad Bon Maharaj

Krishna Balaram Mandir, Raman Reti
Vrindaban, U.P.

August 28,                   75

His Holiness Swami B.H. Bon Maharaj
Bhajan Kutir, Madan Mohan

My Dear Sripad Bon Maharaj:
Please accept my humble dandabats at your lotus feet. Your letter dated August 7, 1975 addressed to my Los Angeles address is just now received having been redirected from there. Please take our invitation card for the Janamastmi and Vyasa Puja Day. Kindly attend if possible because I understand that you are sick. The other day Sripada Brahmananda Swami and Sriman Gopal Krishna das Adhikary and Sriman Dhananjaya das Adhikary went to see you, but they were not allowed to disturb you on account of your sickness.
Now I have studied your letter under reply. Regarding the land, if you can't sell then you can lease it to us for 99 years. I think there is no objection. The land is lying vacant from a long time 50 years. Now if it can be utilized for the benefit of the Institute why there should be objection.
The other day while taking my morning walk from the backside of your land I reached on the main road. So much land is still vacant without any utility. If you can spare all these lands on lease terms we can immediately use them properly. Now when you lease out the lands for some income, I don't think there is any objection by the Trustees. So if you come on Janamastmi or Vyasa Puja Day we can talk on this matter, or if you are sick, if you give me some appointment I can go and see you.
So far other proposals, if the Institute is given for our management, we can fulfill all your desires mentioned in your letter under reply.
Hope this meets you in good health. Thanking you once more.

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami