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750526 - Letter to Damodara written from Honolulu

Letter to Damodara dasa

May 26, 1975
51 Coelho Way, Honolulu, Hawaii

Damodara dasa
3765 Watseka Ave. #3
Los Andgeles, California   90034

My Dear Damodara dasa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated May 9th, 1975, and have noted the contents. Regarding your writing, this is very much wanted, but I think that it is better if you write articles, not books. Write articles that can be printed in our Back to Godhead magazine. That will be very nice. Also, be very sure that you always maintain a high spiritual standard by following all of the rules and regulations very carefully. Chant 16 rounds minimum daily and study my books deeply.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami