750519 - Letter to Dinanatha Misra written from Melbourne

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Letter to Dinanatha Misra

May 19, 1975

Dinanatha Misra, M.A.B.L. Pleader
Somewhere in the junction of
Chittaranjan Ave. and Balarama De St.
Calcutta-6, INDIA

My dear Dinanatha,

Please accept my greetings. Since I saw you last at your house, I had gone to Kuruksetra, Delhi, and also attended our Vrndavana temple opening ceremony, and now I've come to Australia to open another temple here. Just this evening the function is completed. From here, I shall go to Fiji and then Hawaii (USA). I was wondering whether you will be willing to join this Krishna Consciousness movement in your ripe old age. Your beloved son goes to our temple in Calcutta along with your daughter-in-law. I am very much pleased upon them. I also understand that you do not move very much nowadays, therefore you cannot come in the temple, but at home you can render some valuable service for this movement. So far I know, you are a good Hindi scholar as well as in English. So, if you like, you can translate our books into Hindi and I shall be glad to hear from you in this connection. I do not know whether you shall receive this letter because your house number is not known to me. I have simply given an idea of your address on the envelope. I am asking somebody in our temple to go to you with the copy of this letter.

I hope this meets you in good health. My blessings to your children and my regard for your good wife.

I beg to remain,

Yours affectionately,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami