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750511 - Letter to Jamuna written from Perth

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Letter to Jamuna devi

May 11th, 1975
9 Marimba Crescent, City Beach
Perth, Western Australia

Jamuna devi dasi
c/o [unclear].
[unclear]ally station rd.
Hyderabad, A.P., INDIA
My dear Jamuna devi,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated March 28, 1975 and have noted the contents. Your husband recently came to Delhi and Vrindavan and he has sold so many properties of ISKCON through the Makutwalla. His only business is to acquire money. He is collecting money like anything and is not contributing to the society. So what can I do? I did not say anything to him. I am simply praying to Krishna for his welfare.
It is good that you are now living separate from him. Wherever you live, you can follow the regulative principles and my instructions along with chanting. That will make you happy. Do not deviate from the path I have chalked out for every one of you.
Some years ago, in San Francisco, both you and your husband wanted to live in Vrindavan and I was training both of you to take up the charge of Vrindavan center very expertly. Unfortunately, both of you fell victim to sense enjoyment and now both of you are fallen from the service especially your husband. So what can I do? But if both of you again come to your consciousness, Krishna consciousness, Krishna can lift you again from the fallen condition. That much I can assure you.
Tejyas was complaining that Madira has also gone with Gurudasa. Recently, I was in Delhi for participating in a meeting at Kuruksetra, and he informed me like that.
Anyway, the Vrindavan opening ceremony was performed very gorgeously for 7 days. The Governor of U.P. participated for 2 days. There was a big crowd all the days and it was a grand success. The total expenditure for the opening ceremony was about 60,000 rs. or more and I was feeling your absence. Your husband was present, but his business was different. Anyway, what can I do? I can simply pray to Krishna for revival of your old Krishna Consciousness.
I hope this meets you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami