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750502 - Letter to Panalalaji written from Delhi

Letter to 750502_-_Letter_to_Panalala_Pithi.JPG

19 Todarmal Lane,
Bengali Market, New delhi

May 2,     75

Sri Panalala Pithi


Dear Panalalaji,

Please accept my blessings. I am now staying in New Delhi and I am going to Bombay on the fifth instant. You wanted me to send you news when I am reaching Bombay. You also wanted to come at that time. So, would it be possible to come to Bombay on the fifth instant and do the needful?

Now I have decided to make a trustee board for Hare Krishna Land, Bombay. I wish to select trustees--twelve altogether. Out them seven will be Indian and five will be foreigners. Foreigner means those who are members of the Commonwealth like Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, etc. After all, this is an international institution, but the majority of the members of the trustees will be Indian. Namely, out of twelve members, I will make seven Indians and five foreigners. Therefore, I have decided to make you one of the trustees. If you come to Bombay on the fifth instant, we shall discuss on this matter. If not, please send me your letter of acceptance in which you agree to become one of the trustees of the Hare Krishna Land. Kindly treat this as urgent and do the needful.

I hope this meets you in good health. Thanking you in anticipation.

Your ever well-wisher,