741114 - Letter to Gurukrpa written from Bombay

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Letter to Guru Kripa Swami

November 14, 1974


My Dear Guru Kripa Swami:

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 5, 1974 and have noted with pleasure that you have paid DNP Dollars 100,000.00 since September last. Here in Bombay only Dollars 86,500.00 approximately has been received, so I am enquiring from Ramesvara.

It is very good that some of the men have the missionary visas and that you are getting Japanese boys to join. You say that the Japanese are less intelligent, but when I was in Japan I saw that they were inclined towards this movement. If you deal with them nicely, they will come out very good devotees.

Yes, in mid December I may go to Hawaii and I shall stop in Japan. I shall make two stops, Hong Kong and Japan. It does not matter that it will be cold. I do not think it will be colder than your Western countries in Europe and America.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami