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740504 - Letter to The Management of Tirupati-Tirumala-Devasthanam written from Bombay

Letter to the Management of Tirupati-Tirumala-Devasthanam

Hare Krishna Land,
Gandhi Gram Road,
Juhu, Bombay 54, INDIA

May 4                         74

The Management
Tirumala, Andra Pradesh

Dear Sirs;
I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude for the kind treatment given me and my disciples, members of the Hare Krishna Movement on our recent two day visit in Tirumala. The special excess we were given for darshan before Balaji is something we will always remember favorably, and for my American and European followers it was a rarely given privilege for which they are fully appreciative. We all left Tirupati feeling very much inspired by the darshan and by your excellent management, and we hope to return when we are able again.

If there is any land available, either for purchase or donation, we would be interested in constructing a cottage for the exclusive use of members of our society when they make pilgrimage to Tirupati. Please advise us on the availability of such land. Again thanking you for your excellent hospitality,

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami