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740111 - Letter to Tamala Krishna written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Tamal Krsna Maharaj (Page 1 of 3)
Letter to Tamal Krsna Maharaj (Page 2 of 3)
Letter to Tamal Krsna Maharaj (Page 3 of 3)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:Los Angeles

DATE ............January..11...........1974..

Dear Tamal Krsna Maharaj,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your GBC report dated January 3, 1974, and I thank you for reporting so completely on the situtation in India.

I am very engladdened to hear you have secured one flat on our Hare Krsna Land. I am planning to arrive in India on or before February 1st. I am first going to New Delhi and then to Vrindaban in order to see how the construction of the temple is going on. Then I can go to Bombay, say about the second week in February, and together we can go to Mayapur in March. Now by your arrangement it will be very pleasing for me to stay in our own land at Juhu. In the past I was a guest while staying in Bombay but now we have our own place, and this is very engladdening to me. So I will come. We are four men and we will arrive in India by February 1st; we already have our tickets for around the world.

Regarding your invitation to go to Dwaraka, yes I have already written you I have accepted, and I can go there. Hearing that you have collected Rs 81,000 in the month of December is very pleasing; you are a very good boy.

Now Krsna is sending you new devotees to help in India. Yasomatinandana is a good boy, now utilize him properly. We are planning that he can open a center in Surat and he will attract many Gujaratis. He is sincere, learned, enthusiastic and qualified. Keep him nicely engaged. He has left $7,000 with me for starting a center in Surat. This money I have deposited in the Mayapur-Vrindaban Fund and when I shall start a center in Surat I will draw from that fund. For our arriving devotees they should all be coming on student visas for learning Sanskrit and Hindi languages and thus they can stay for 3 years. I have arranged this with the Consulate General in New York for the student visas for our men. I think Giriraj has written to you by now and he knows of this arrangement. Yes, Mohanananda is a very intelligent worker, now work cooperatively with him. The only fear I have is that you may fight. Please do not. That will ruin everything we have done. If there is any misunderstandings which arise, as they will, settle them up. You are all qualified American boys, now push on this glorious mission without letting it be hampered by personal differences. I am glad to hear you have a nice secretary there in Aditya; now take care of sending the BTG out regularly. There are some complaints in this department. So make Bombay the center for distributing BTG to life members.

Yes I know very well that Gargamuni Maharaj is an expert collector and preacher. He is so expert in collecting therefore I call him Gargamoney. Regarding the BBT debt of Calcutta, you can wait for that. Not that the payment can be washed off, but we can wait. It is very good news that Gargamuni Maharaj is supporting both Calcutta and Mayapur. Now you cooperate and you yourself develop Bombay. In the meantime, Jayapataka and Bhavananda Maharajas want money for land. Karandhar has sent $4,000 so I have allowed them to purchase more land. I will pay and have arranged for that. You can advise Jayapataka and Bhavananda to purchase land whenever there is an opportunity and we shall arrange to pay. But it should not exceed Rs 5,000 per month. Within that limit they can purchase every month some piece of land.

Yes, I agree the construction of a temple in Calcutta should wait until we finish our present projects which we have undertaken. We should not accept projects which will strain us. Bombay was a great strain, but Krsna has now given it to us. Henceforth we should not accept too much strain. It was a very bitter experience for me in Bombay. As Nair's party was determined not to let us have the land I was more determined to take it at any cost. Krsna has helped us, but we should not strain Krsna by such action.

It is very important that the accounts be kept very clear so that we retain our income tax exemption. So continue to engage Manasvi and competent men so that everything is recorded very clearly.

I understand that the mrdanga instruction to our devotees is a failure. So retain the teachers and have them engage our students, but if the students are so dull what can be done? Make as many mrdangas as possible. Supervise the workers so that they are working during their work hours.

Yes, I fully agree that "What is the use of a temple if there is no prasadam distribution?" Prasadam distribution on a large scale must be resumed. Such a temple where there is no such distribution has no value, I agree. You say more land is needed for growing crops. So for the time being go ahead and purchase land and I will pay at the rate of Rs 5,000 per month. But do not acquire more land than we can use. Purchasing land and keeping it without use is not my policy. What is Gargamuni Maharaj doing with the money he is collecting for Mayapur? Regarding money being used for construction of goshalla, pavilion etc., at Mayapur, I shall consider that after going there. I have arranged to transfer $100,000 which will be done by next Monday. But this is for the temple in Vrindaban. You cannot expect all the money to come from here. I will, however, be trying to carry as much money as possible.

I have deposited $100,000 in the M-V Fund which is earning interest at Rs 5,500 per month. I want to utilize this for month after month for Vrindaban, and I do not want to break the original principle I have set up in this regard. I have arranged to send $100,000 for Vrindaban and another $100,000 has been deposited for the M-V Trust. When I come to India, we shall sit together, you, myself, Bhavananda Maharaj, Gargamuni Maharaj, Gurudasa, and do the needful.

Yes, Bhavananda and Jayapataka Maharajas are the approved directors of Mayapur. They are selfless workers. Regarding food for the Mayapur Festival, in other temples they are going and collecting their food, and yet we have to purchase in Mayapur? If you depend always on collecting money from here only it will not be successful. If for buildings, festivals, etc. you have to collect from here, what is the use?

The completion of Vrindaban temple by Janmastami is my whole hearted desire. Please do it by all means. The 3 lacs from Ashok Birla plus the $100,000 from here will I think be sufficient to finish the temple. It will please me very much to see it completed timely.

Regarding the starting of a school in Vrindaban, yes engage Hari Goswami in a trial period there in Vrindaban. He should be engaged teaching Hindi and Sanskrit and if he does it nicely then he can transfer to Gurukula in Dallas. So for now he should also train up an assistant. Yes, we can start such classes in Bombay and Vrindaban for now. My wanting these subjects taught is a plea for getting the students visa. It is not for actually becoming great scholars. This was the impression I gave the Consulate General in N.Y. and he is helping. Dr. Kapoor has already refused to teach language. He is interested in teaching philosophy but we don't require it. We have everything required in the Bhagavatam. I want that the students can nicely recite the sanskrit verses and then they can read the full purport in English. So make arrangement for teaching Sanskrit and Hindi along those lines. B. R. Matta was pleased with this suggestion and said that with such a education program the Rama Krishna mission is taking huge amounts of money from the government. But before you try approaching government leaders first start an actual school program, then you can approach. Nor should these studies interfere with our program of simply presenting the Bhagavatam.

Regarding the agitation to remove Tejas: No, Tejas must not be removed. Stop this. This is a clique. I don't want this. Why has Subal Maharaj gone there. He is an outsider, why are they interfering. Subal left India now why has he returned without permission? This removal of the president is very unconstitutional. The devotees who do not like to work with Tejas should immediately go away from the temple. But he may not. Those who feel against him can go away. Devotees come from the outside and interfere. No, they cannot change the president. Who sent Janmanjoya there? Why is he taking to politics? So you opinion is also mine, that Tejas is the most sincere worker of the lot. Please stop this.

So I shall be pleased to see you all when I return to India in New Delhi by February 1st.

Your ever well-wisher,
SP Signature.png
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Hare Krishna Land
Gandhi Gram Road
Juhu, Bombay 400 054