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731102 - Letter to Satsvarupa written from Delhi

Letter to Satsvarupa das Maharaj (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Satsvarupa das Maharaj (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: G 12 Anand Niketan Extension
              New Delhi 110023
DATE ....2/11/1973.........
5430 Gurley St.
Dallas, Texas

My Dear Satsvarupa das Maharaj:
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your GBC report for the period ending October 1, 1973 dated October 12, 1973. Yes, I have received your report dated September 25, 1973 and have replied it on October 4, 1973. With regard to Dallas Mohanananda has now come to Bombay, and because our Giriraj is returning to the U.S.A. on account of his health. Mohanananda is advised to act as acting president. If you have no objection, he may stay for at least three months. I hope that there will be no inconvenience and that Dayananda will be able to look after his affairs.
We have settled up the Bombay affairs and purchased the whole land at a cost of 17-18 lakhs, bribing so many claimants. It was a very hard knot. Now by the grace of Krsna the land is in our possession. We are the proprietors. Arrangements are being made to construct a gorgeous temple with the help of local patrons. The estimate of the Bombay temple is not less than 50 lakhs over and above the 18 lakhs we have already spent on this project.
I will especially draw your attention to articles written by Dr. O.B.L. Kapoor. He has many such philosophical articles, and he wants to get the book published by us. I shall be glad to have your opinion in consultation with Karandhar whether we can take up the publication of such philosophical books. Another gentleman whose name is Hari Goswami is a Sanskrit scholar, as well as knowing English. He is enthusiastic to join us. Please let me know if you can utilize him for our Dallas Gurukula institution. He is coming from a respectable brahmin family belonging to Radha Raman goswami house, but he is very much pleased with our activities and wants to join us wholeheartedly. In case you consider his service is valuable, then you have to make arrangement for his passage. These two points, namely Sri Hari Goswami going to Dallas and the publication of Dr. Kapoor's book by us may be consulted amongst yourself, Karandhar, and Bali Mardan, and you please let me know your considered opinions.
Here in Delhi arrangements are going on for holding a Hare Krishna festival, and they have secured a very nice house, for the Delhi center. If so required I may stay here at least for a month to organize this new center. You can reply to me at the above address.
What is the objection to starting a branch institution at New Vrindaban? There we have already got a vast tract of land, and the atmosphere is very calm and quiet, and they are developing. So instead of purchasing another land, why not use this land for the elder boys? Of course it will depend on your mature consideration amongst the GBC members nearabout.

So make Gurukula more solidified. Up to now it is going nicely. Keep the standard intact. People are appreciating, and they will do so more and more.
Yes, regarding the centers reporting to you, if you get the report then there is no necessity to visit. Occasionally you can see how they are doing.
Regarding the arrangements for meeting the scholars in Chicago, yes I am also anxious to see scholars. In the meantime our propaganda should be going on for drawing attention of the educational institutions to accept our books at least in the religious courses.
Regarding the rascal Bharati, yes, capture this rascal and defeat him in debating, and prove him as a rascal Number one.
Regarding the black lady in Cleveland, if she is actually serious about Krsna consciousness, give her a little freedom. Just behave with her a little gently, so she may be encouraged to spread Krsna consciousness amongst the blacks. Actually if she preaches the importance of this movement amongst the blacks, it will be more effective. This racial color distinction may continue, but when a devotee is actually advanced these things will disappear. Therefore we have to be a little tactful how to induce people to take to Krsna consciousness seriously. That should be our main object. Encourage her to sell books. If black men read our books, it will be a great achievement. As your President Lincoln gave the blacks equal rights, let us cooperate with them.
Regarding St. Louis, Mukunlal is a good boy. He is a sincere devotee.
Jayadwaita Das is a very devoted boy. He tries to understand the philosophy very perfectly. Yes, editing "Back to Godhead" is one of your responsibilities. In the meantime you can train Hridayananda das Goswami to edit. I think he is a fit man to assist you. Regarding "Back to Godhead" being the most important magazine in the world, therefore I am seeking to see Dr. Kapoor's article for getting attention.
I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami