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730808 - Letter to Satsvarupa written from Bhaktivedanta Manor, UK

Letter to Satsvarupa

Bhaktivedanta Manor,
(formerly Piggost Manor),
Letchmore Heath
Near Radlett,

8th August, 1973

My dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter and G.B.C. report, it is very nice and I am having it copied and sent to the other GBC Members so they may follow your example.

I was not at all inconvenienced by you, on the contrary, I say that you were the best secretary and you did your work most faithfully, I appreciated it, may Krishna bless you.

Yes! Before the Spiritual Master a dullheaded fool is required, an over intelligent disciple is not a very good qualification. Even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu presented himself as a dullheaded fool in front of his Spiritual Master and faithfully chanted Hare Krishna.

So now Krishna has sent you a nice bus, and you also have a good field for preaching. Chant, dance distribute books and Prasadam and everything will increase automatically.

I hope this letter finds you well.

Your ever well wisher

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

His Holiness Satsvarupa Goswami
5430, Gurley Street,