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730105 - Letter to Ravindra Svarupa written from Bombay

Letter to Ravindra Svarupa (Page ? of ?) (Re-typed copy - text missing)

To Ravindra Svarupa - Jan 5th - 73 Letter 20 [handwritten]

(Text Missing)

fully, it is very nice. So preach in this way, whatever is palatable to the student class, and give them factual Krsna Consciousness. In this way, try to recruit some men from the student class of men for joining us as future leaders of our Society. If we simply go on expanding and there are no qualified men to lead, then everything will be spoiled eventually. So you have got the best opportunity for this great service to Krsna, and I think that Krsna will send you some very qualified men to take instruction from you. But one thing is, do not spend much time for topics that are not concerned with Krsna Consciousness, neither try to speculate about history and other things. But the way you have described it, your program is nice. So if anyone students are serious to learn Krsna Consciousness from you, give them all help and facility, let them accept gradually by their intelligence. Do not force, but if gradually they understand, they will voluntarily accept the life of tapasya or austerity of Krsna Consciousness movement. In this way, by their voluntary agreement to join and follow strictly, they will assist me in the leading posts to spread on Lord Caitanya's message all over the world.

Regarding your question is it all right to assign the entire sankirtana party for distributing books so that no one will be free for street chanting? Of course we should not understanding the meaning of sankirtana very narrowly, that only chanting and dancing and playing instruments, no, sankirtana means to glorify the Lord in a congregational manner. So if many devotees are going out daily on the streets and public places for distributing our literature, that is also sankirtana, even if there is no one chanting. Hearing and chanting are essential processes for sankirtana. So if someone is hearing us singing on the street, or if he is purchasing one book and if he reads sincerely, these two activities are the same. So if there is any occasion of necessity, if there are not very many men available or if there is prohibition by the municipal authorities, something like that, we may assign everyone for distributing our literatures, there is no loss for that. But it is always better if there are also some devotees chanting loudly on the street. If there is even one man to two men or a small party who are chanting Hare Krishna, that will increase also the book sales. So if there are sufficient men, and if we have got sanction by the authorities, it is always better to have at least a small party chanting along with as many distributers of books as possible.

Hoping this meets you in good health,

Your ever well wisher,