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730105 - Letter to Dvija Hari written from Bombay

Letter to Dvija Hari

c/o Mahadevia
B-11 Sea Face Park
50-B Desai Road
January 5,                 73

He's coming to Calcutta from-
Watch out! [handwritten]

Copy Bhav [handwritten]

My dear Dvija Hari,

Please accept my blessings. Your letter dated January 3, 1973, is in hand, and I am enclosing by way of reply also the letter from Tejiyas and my reply to him. So far your being "ordered" to leave India, that may be an idea which you got from Tejiyas. I do not know what is the situation there, I can only act upon the information which Tejiyas has sent me, namely, that you are causing some disturbance to him and the others. But just yesterday I have got one letter from Tejiyas wherein he reports that you are now improved in your conduct and you are cooperating quite nicely also. So I have no objection if you want stay in India or anyplace, but for your work I think it is better anyway to go to Los Angeles. That is the best place in the world for making film. Harikesha Prabhu has been working in that connection also. He has shown me some film script which appears nice, so if conjointly you are able to do something for Krsna in this way, that will please me very much. I always wanted [handwritten] that there should be a cinema made of Bhagavad-gita, now you are fulfilling my desire in that connection. At any rate we shall discuss further when we meet again in Calcutta in a few days' time.

Hoping this meets you in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Dvija Hari das Brahmacari
ISKCON Calcutta