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721007 - Letter to Kirtanananda written from San Francisco

Letter to Kirtanananda

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Acharya: International Society for Krishna Consciousness

CAMP:       San Fransisco     ISKCON

DATED         October 7, 1972

My Dear Kirtanananda,

Please accept my blessings. Your letter dated 6 October 1972 and your check for one hundred dollars are in hand. I thank you very much for your kind contribution. Yes, I am going to India via Hawaii and Manila, and I shall inform you when I shall reach India by the fifteenth of October.

I am a little in anxiety on account of Bombay affairs. It is a question of fifteen lacs of rupees, but the matter has not been properly handled by our men in India. Please pray to Krsna that things may come in normal situation. All of you may remember that we have taken a very responsible task in the matter of broadcasting the message of Lord Caitanya Who is Krsna Himself. Lord Caitanya is Radha-Krsna combined together. So you are one of the seniormost servants of the society.[handwritten] Kindly try to improve the aims and objects of the society so that all over the world the people may become happy.

Actually there is no problem, even in the material condition of life. Krsna has provided everything sufficiently and there is no question of scarcity or poverty. Only the demons and blind leaders are misguiding the whole population in the name of politicians, leaders, swamis, yogis, philanthropists, and making the whole world entangled more and more in problems. Our proposition is preaching the gospel of Krsna and request everyone to accept the truth that Krsna is the Supreme Master and everyone should surrender unto Him. Then there is no problem.

Hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Kirtanananda Maharaj
New Vrindaban
R. D. 3
Moundsville, West Virginia